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LaSalle Scandal


Depending on what type of subjects you are interested in, the terms Lasalle Scandal can reference two different things.

To those of us who are not deeply into the pornography industry, the Lasalle scandal is associated with a University whose players falsified documents.

This Lasalle Scandal could be considered just as important as the Duke University rape case, but it obviously didn't receive as much attention.

These Lasalle scandal students created fake high school documentations. One of the biggest factors in the University Lasalle Scandal is that the students who fake the documents went on to contribute to the sports victory of the University.

Many skeptically believe that the school was just as involved in the Lasalle scandal. What makes the Lasalle scandal such as scandal for the University is that many believe the school was knowledgeable of the documents.

The first piece into the Lasalle scandal collection is thought to be acts recorded out of a hole of a ceiling in a motel room.

When the first piece of the Lasalle scandal began distribution (both legally and illegally), act producers realized the fetish in its theme. The fact that in the Lasalle scandal the women did not know they were recorded seems to heighten the stimulation and the enjoyment.

Some people think that the amateur filming look is just part of the production idea, where other people think the Lasalle scandal is authentic work.

Whether you believe that the Lasalle scandal is real or if the Lasalle scandal is just a name to a creative piece of productions, you cannot deny the popularity of the Lasalle scandal anyway.


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