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Kevin Trudeau Fraud


The book Kevin Wrote called," Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About" contains false information claiming that the government and other agencies are creating a conspiracy against "natural cures". This is the bases for the Kevin Trudeau Fraud.

Kevin went on to claim that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) censored the entire chapter called "Cures for All Diseases." Of course the FTC did not.

Since the books release, most of the books 188 reviews classify it as nothing more then a rip-off and a waste of money, building an even larger case for the Kevin Trudeau fraud.

Kevin Himself is no stranger to rip-offs. He served time in prison for his part in a credit card scam.

In a recent lawsuit the FTC made Kevin Trudeau pay thousands in consumer redress. Many consumers of Kevin's false products have gotten back their money back that they have spent on his products.

Finally the FTC had enough of the Kevin Trudeau fraud and proceeded to fine Kevin Trudeau two million dollars for making fraudulent claims about a health product. AS well as the fine the FTC has also banned him from appearing on TV to promote his products.

In researching this article we came across numerous reviews slamming Kevin's book. We also found numerous sites stating that "Kevin Trudeau's attorneys have threatened us with a lawsuit if we continue to give our opinion on his products".

For someone who is interested in exposing a conspiracy Kevin should be the last one threatening legal action for telling the truth!



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