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Juventus Scandal


For all of you who thought football was free from any match-fixing or pre-determined results, think again.

In Italy , at the moment there is a seriously explosive Juventus scandal which links members of the Juventus board (Luciano Moggi and Antonio Giraudo), several referees, players as well as small clubs to match fixing and bribing referees.

Juventus Football Club S.p.A. is one of the most prominent professional football clubs internationally.

IThe Juventus Football Club boasts of approximately 21 million supporters in Europe and approximately 10 million supporters, almost one-third of all football fans being from Italy .

For many years rivals have accused Juventus scndal of influencing the decisions of referees by greasing their pockets.

The latest Juventus scandal to rock Italian football only supports their rousing suspicions. The Turin club of Juventus is at the center of an investigation by the Italian football federation (FIGC) after last year's telephonic conversations recorded between two Juventus directors and high-ranking FIGC officials, were published. In the conversations, Juventus' general director Luciano Moggi tells Antonio Giraudo, which referees he would like assigned to several of his team's Serie A and Champions League matches.

Both Moggi and Giraudo found themselves in an especially embarrassing position after the transcripts were leaked to the press and splashed over the front page of almost every newspaper in Italy .

On 11th May 2006 , the entire board of Serie A giants Juventus scandal resigned due to the phone tap scandal that had rocked Italian football. A statement issued by the Turin club said: 'The board has handed its mandate to the shareholders and called an ordinary assembly for June 29'.

Although the transcripts of the telephonic conversations have been passed on to the FIGC by Turin prosecutors in March, Italian football's governing body has mysteriously failed to take any action.

It was later revealed that FIGC president Franco Carraro was given the transcripts back in February but that he had failed to take any action. The influential Agnelli family, owners of Italian car manufacturers FIAT and a major shareholder of Juventus, have been under mounting pressure to repair their tarnished image since the scandal broke.

Gianluigi 'Gigi' Buffon is an Italian World cup-winning footballer. He is a goalkeeper for Juventus scandal as well as the Italian national team. He is regarded by most as the best goalkeeper worldwide.

Amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding Juventus and the Serie A match-fixing scandal, on May 12, 2006 , it was revealed that Buffon, along with former Juventus goalkeeper Antonio Chimenti and several other players had participated in illegal betting on Serie A matches while with Parma.

In an attempt to clear his name, Buffon voluntarily allowed himself to be questioned by Turin magistrates the very next day.

Although he admitted to betting on sports (until regulations went into effect in late 2005, banning players from doing so), he vehemently denied placing wagers on Italian football matches.

Amidst mounting fears that Buffon had placed his World Cup roster spot in jeopardy, he was officially named Italy 's starting goalkeeper on May 15, 2006.


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