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John Edward Psychic Scam

John Edward claims to be a psychic and a channeler, in reality he is nothing more then a con artist who makes vague statements aimed at a subject or subjects and then lets the subjects themselves fill in the blanks.

John Edward has a TV show which is based on his "so called" psychic abilities. Just like John Edward, the show is also a scam. The John Edward psychic show is heavily edited to make it appear John is successful almost all of the time. In reality he is only successful approximately 10% of the time.

When experts review taped episodes of the John Edward psychic show they found camera angle discontinuities, strange sound changes and answers from the audience that have nothing to do with what John Edward is saying. Guest at the show have even talked about the possibility that they are being watched and taped while they wait outside before the show and while they sit in the audience.

John Edward is also accused of having "ringers" in the audience of his shows. These are people who are placed in the audience by John. It has 12-15 people have been seen at numerous shows getting out of a white van just before the show. These 12-15 enter the audience and sit at different locations, with no two people sitting together.

As well as charging 300$ for a personal readings, John is a con artist and scammer who preys on the emotional state and of grievances of others.

James Randi is a well known magician and skeptic. James has spent years debunking and exposing all kinds of frauds, psychics and mediums. Randi's most famous for his challenge. He is offering $1,000,000 to any person who could prove they had paranormal powers under scientific testing conditions. So far, nobody has won the challenge.

Randi says John Edward is just using standard techniques that can be reproduced by individuals with no psychic powers. Edward denies these allegations and surprisingly, has refused to accept the challenge.



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