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John Robert Powers Scam


San Jose-based modeling agency, Chere Andre Canaris, created 42 years ago, and owned by John Robert Powers has been accused recently of scamming its actors and models .

They are accused of using phony talent scouts and high pressure sales tactics on young actors and models.

The controversy surrounding the John Robert Powers scam also centers on the fact that the model and acting school's participants were being charged steep prices for promises of professional telent modeling and acting careers, and then not following through.

The actors and models agency, which nicknamed itself the "Star Makers", holds phony talent auditions for models and actors in which everyone willing to pay, regardless of talent, gets admitted. They also charge a $300 registration fee which is, surprisingly, non-refundable.

Most of the models and actors complain that they expected a highly professional modeling or acting school from John Robert Powers, but instead received lessons in charm, and make-up.

The John Robert Powers scam of a school has been successfully sued countless times by actors and models mainly due to the fact that the owners and instructors: John Robert Powers, and Cie Canaris cared so little about the legalities and bad publicity that they failed to appear in court.

A few of the people who successfully sued the school include Vladimir Kompelmakher, who sued for unpaid monies and Shelly Ashworth, who sued for a refund and won.


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