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Jeff Paul Scam


Jeff Paul scamspecializes in direct marketing online and selling information products. Jeff Paul scam himself claims to be educated as a financial planner although this could not be verified by us.

Jeff Paul scam founded a so called 'step-by-step' money making program. The program asks for a large investment, in return you are provided with so called, 'money making secrets'. This program is often aired on a late night infomercials as one of those get rich quick schemes.

In our investigation of Jeff Paul and the Jeff Paul scam we uncovered tens if not hundreds of complaints about the Jeff Paul system and the possibility of Jeff Paul Scam.

Many people have paid $1950.00 for the revolutionary system which claims to provide a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee . Of course the money was never returned.

Another person was taken for $8500.00 which was never refunded! This person claims to have tried to contact Greg Wardin the so called 'confidence man' many times requesting a refund. All attempts failed. In fact he has never even been able to reach Greg Wardin.

Another customer seeking a refund wrote, "now I can't get a hold of anyone to cancel... All fake numbers and email addresses on my "internet invoices".

The craziest customer complaint we received told us of a customer who requested a full refund only weeks after ordering the Jeff Paul System. As predicted the customer was unable to secure a refund from Jeff Paul until he initiated an investigation through his credit card company. Finally the credit card company was able to secure a refund. However, a few days later the customer received a letter in the mail from a collection company hired by Jeff Paul to recover the refund plus interest. This doesn't sound much like an unconditional money back guarantee to us.

As a result we are issuing a consumer warning regarding the Jeff Paul scam. If you have any complaints regarding the Jeff Paul scam please contact your local better business bureau.




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