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Internet Scams On The Rise


People are so afraid of internet scams these days because of all the scams, news flash you are a guinea pig doing whatever the TV and News Media tells you.

There is no over abundance of internet scams that does not exist anywhere else.

The Internet just happens to have interesting stories and a wide reach. If you enter in a grocery store, they can steal you identity through your credit card info when you pay.

It has happened, employees that don't care about anything copy the information and then use it or sell it. Car mechanics are half crooks and probably spent some time in jail. Realtors, you think they are getting you a good price?

What good price, they make thousands of that house, they should lower their fees also to help you get a good price, they are so biased in which homes they sell and how much money they make.

Everywhere there are people taking advantage of others, and that is what a internet scams is. So let us list all the many ways you can be scammed:

identity theft, credit card theft, debit card theft, accounting error thefts, accountants, skimming, pfishing, internet scams, internet scams, ponzie schemes, pyramids schemes, MLM or multi level marketing, sales, marketing, politics, and political campaigns, baby sitters, friends, theft, murder, hijacking, and more.

The list is endless, take everything good and do something wrong with it, that is how many ways you can be scammed and someone is trying.

Just wake up and be smart, avoid internet scams and put them in jail when you can.

It is only stealing or a crime when you steal something or hurt someone when it does not belong to you.

Internet scams do not pay unless we and the court systems let it.

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