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iRenew scam


So many things have been said by so many people about iRenew bracelets. As claimed by the manufacturer, iRenew is an energy bracelet that promises to give energy and vitality all throughout the day and even more. However, many people have doubted this claim and insist it is just an iRenew scam.

There has been series of positive and negative reviews from those who have bought this product as well as those who have not bought nor used it at all. I have seen many people challenging the manufacturer to come up with genuine scientific proofs on how the product works. All of these account for widespread notion ‘irenew scam' scattered all over the internet. But at any rate, I still believe this issue is worth looking into.

The manufacturer of iRenew bracelets has however tried to put forth some claims as to how the products are manufactured. The company claims irenew bracelets were produced by infusing a technology called Selective Frequency Resonance (SFR) technology into each product.

The company however reiterated that the product has been counterfeited into the market and this is major cause for iRenew scams that many people complain about. The producer further affirmed that iRenew bracelet reviews are positive but iRenew bracelets have become the target of imitators. And it also added that a lot of people unknowingly purchase counterfeit or imitation products leaving them disappointed after use.

Even as some users attest to its genuiness in terms of what it is claimed to be capable of doing, many people however condemned the claims saying it is mere scam! Mostly, the argument about the irenew scam is based mainly on the ground that the product fails to meet the standards of modern sciences. Someone is of the opinion that ‘its a scam, although if you did not know it was a scam it could help psychologically'.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer has insisted that any such iRenew scam that people talk about cannot be linked to it. The company has indicated that there are unscrupulous retailers that market sports bands and sport wristbands which are just imitations that are made to look just like the original iRenew products.

Such imitations the company stated, are often made of cheap materials, and sometimes are nothing more than a glorified rubber band and can never perform like genuine iRenew bracelets. It however advised people to identify and purchase real iRenew products from licensed online retailers.

To further corroborate its claim, the manufacturer also affirms there is 100% money back guarantee on all its products which it purports most hoax and or scam sites do not provide.

At any rate a lot of people particular those that have not used the product still insists it is just a scam. iRenew scam is all over the internet and whether there is real product or not, it is advisable to check that a product is truly what it is claimed to be before going for it.

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