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iPhone Scams

There are quite a lot of iPhone scams on Ebay which are getting people to bid into the hundreds to get their hands on the iPhone which was not released at the beginning of the year yet.

Even at this time, many people were actually bidding to get the very first iPhones when they come out as well as email addresses that claim to up the sales of the iPhone.

This is absolute rubbish and this is one of the most ridiculous iPhone scams out there. Why would anyone want to pay almost 50 dollar for an email address?

Some of the other scams tell you that they will have the domains for iPhones for sale. You can tell they are false just by looking at the names, such as iPhoneDirect.com. Anyone can make that up.

People are bidding for and paying for these scams including the shipping costs I might add.

Please be aware that all of the iPhone auctions that claim to have the iPhone or any type of email address or domain name are iPhone scams.

There is even a scam for pre orders and most of them have suspicious email addresses like apple.iPhone.store@gmail.com.

Anyone with some common sense will know that this is a fake supplier. If you want to get your hands on an iPhone then you can get it from a reputable store or the official iPhones website which is iPhone.org.

Make sure that when you are on Ebay that you are wise when bidding and do not get caught by suspect email addresses and promises that sound too good to be true.

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