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The HYIP scam or high yield investment programs are the hottest and most popular investment scams on the internet today.

We are all searching for ways to make extra money. In fact many people including myself have searched for years before finding any reputable way to make money without a sizable investment.

This is where the HYIP scam enters the picture. At any given time there are literally hundreds of HYIP (high yield investment programs) looking for your small investment.

These programs rant on and on about how your $10-$1000 can make you a 10-30% per day return.

You might ask yourself why anyone would even take these claims seriously? The catch is that these HYIP scams can make you serious money in the short term. HYIPs take money invested in the program and pay it out to people earning their returns.

The larger the HYIP the longer it can go before the bottom falls out.

Many people have made money with HYIPs but one never knows when the HYIP will fold.

Some HYIPs have folded the first day and others have been running successfully for months. In fact investing your money in any HYIP is as good as playing it in the nearest casino.

No HYIPs are legal. They are often run by underground people or groups looking to make a quick buck.

In fact HYIPs make their owners plenty, unless you get caught, as was the case with ARTHUR R. ANDREWS, GARY D. BOLLIN, RICHARD C. GRAVATT and my personal favorite, BRYAN MARSDEN and SHARON MARSDEN.


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