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Home Owner Insurance ?


Recently the US has experienced a large wave of floods and natural disasters leaving areas completely wasted.

Even having home owner insurance is not enough, but it is better than nothing. Home owner insurance will help to cover costs in floods, tornados, earthquakes, etc.

It will depend on your insurance policy in the end, since every state is different they sometimes have separate insurance clauses to sign and pay more money to be insured against a certain risk.

For example, in California earthquake insurance is additional onto home owner insurance.

In Louisiana flood insurance will now be extra if it was not before hand. So basically, whatever is the largest natural disaster that occurs regularly will be additional.

The good news is that apartment rental insurance is only around $20 or less. Home Owner Insurance is not very much either, it will depend on your home and location.

I know a lady who was affected by a recent flood. She lost everything, in the midst of the event I asked her if she was covered by renters insurance for all of her goods, she said no.

It did not help when I told her for $15 a month she could have been insurance covered and received some compensation from an insurance company due to this natural flash flood we had just experienced.

The problem is that people feel like it will never occur, well things do, be prepared.

Your car might flood, if it is new you might be stuck if you don't have gap insurance.

If your apartment floods you will loose everything inside, furniture and electronics and you will have to buy all new ones. Don't get stuck and further into debt without insurance.


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