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HGH Scam


What is the HGH Scam? Well HGH is commonly known as Human Growth Hormone.

So now that we know what HGH is, how does it work? Well Human Growth Hormone is a protein hormone that is synthesized by cells. When extracted the substance is known as somatotropin.

One of the most common reasons for taking HGH is due to a condition known as Hypopituitarism. Hypopituitarism is a condition in which the pituitary gland fails or does not release enough hormone.

There are many causes of this, some of which in clued surgery, tumors or infections. For cases such as these a doctor may prescribe HGH. HGH will stimulate the release of IGF-I (Insulin-like growth factor-I) from the liver. This IGF-I hormone is responsible for promoting the majority of growth.

Now that we know all this, what is the role of the HGH Scam? Throughout the internet and especially on sites that sell prescription drugs you'll find information on HGH. Most of these sites claim that all HGH drugs are the same.

This is not the truth. If you go to a pharmacy and get a prescription for HGH all the HGH pills will be the same. However many sites claiming to sell products containing HGH do not.

In fact if a site is selling HGH by the nanogram it is illegal do to the fact that HGH in this form is only available via prescription and if bought over the internet is an illegal substance.

There are also many online spray products that claim to contain HGH. This is often an outright lie. Many products such as BioGevity contain absolutely no HGH. In this HGH scam BioGevity sends around false emails hoping people will buy their products.


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