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Hairloss Scams


Hairloss scams are all over the place. Hairloss scam companies want your money in exchange for a promise.

A promise that the product you are purchasing will bring back your hair. In almost all cases this promise is a lie.

There are almost none, if any, products on the market that will enable a person to re-grow their hair once they have lost it. In fact most hairloss scam products target people who are at a higher risk of loosing their hair but have not yet lost it.

Many of these products are Avacor, Provillus, Rogaine, Minoxidil, Propecia or Finasteride. These companies make a fortune on the fears that people have about loosing their hair.

For most men, male pattern baldness accounts for almost of all hair loss.

This is usually seen as horseshoe pattern forms around the head. Then the hair on top begins to fall out. Most men's hair loss is hereditary.

Take a look at your father or grandfather. Are they bald? If so, then it's headed your way as well.

Often these hairloss scams will make claims that they can re-grow your natural hair in a matter of weeks.

This is completely false. If there is any chance of a hairloss product working it is before you start loosing your hair.

The only hope is that a hairloss product can stop you from loosing more hair but they will not provide that magic solution of re-growing already lost hair.

For now men, you're out of luck.

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