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Getestore Scam


The internet company, Getestore offers service in helping people create their own internet, or e-store.

They pre-stock your e-store with brand name merchandise, such as: Sony, Panasonic, and Xbox. They also state on their web-site that you will make anywhere from 75-150% profit by marking up your own prices, without ever having to buy products.

They also offer a free domain name, a free drop-shipping account, an eBay helper, and an assortment of other items included in your package which costs $79.99 annually, plus a one-time only set-up fee of $20.00.

Recently however, there have been allegations of a Getestore scam.

There have been complaints lodged against them accusing them of presenting false information to make themselves look better, and innumerable allegations that people are not making any profits at all through Getestore.

One complaint claimed that Getestore had a posting on their web-site claiming that they were members of the Better Business Bureau, but when checked no record of the company existed with the BBB, and when Getestore was e-mailed regarding this wrong information, they promptly pulled the banner from their web-site.

There are innumerable complaints against Getestore about a lack of business. One such complaint alleges that they purchased an e-store through the Getestore in May of 2005, and to date have not received a sale.

One extremely unhappy customer of Getestore states that he has had 9, 995 unique visitors to his site that have checked out 16, 470 pages, and hits on 269, 738 items in his store sine he bought the site one year ago, and still has not had one sale.

Apparently Getestore neglects to mention on their web-site that the service they provide is extremely lacking as people can buy most of the items offered through their company, at a much cheaper price almost anywhere else on the internet.






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