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Gas Pill Scam


It is that time of year again, summer is near, kids are coming out of school, and gas prices are rising to record highs.

The price of crude oil per barrel is around the same price as the oil crisis that occurred in the late 70's and 80s, controlling for inflation. Yet, big corporate oil companies have record rising profits and they say it is not because of price gauging.

Well, the issue we will discuss is not about these oligopolists, but rather on the scammers that follow suite.

Everyone wants to save money on gas and so people have come up with devices to save you money, or so they say. Such is the gas pill scam.

This little gas pill or powder is simple placed into your gas tank at the next refueling visit and it is suppose to increase your cars performance and gas usage to the point where you will save 20-30% in gas consumption.

First, gas pill scam has never been proven to work or tested by any of the regulatory industries.

Second, gas pill scam is only sold online through MLM structures.

Third, gas pill scam is the power to increase your consumption, are you joking me?

If you know anything about cars and gas consumption a device such as this would have been bought up by a major producer and used in every car to increase new car sales for those gas hogs.

This is something to good to be true once again.

But gas prices are on the rise and people are sure to buy them as scammers are eager to sell.

But I don't blame these eager consumers, gas per gallon is nearing $4 in the next few months and something has to be done about it.

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