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Fraud investigator, do they really find a fraudulent business or transaction or do they make one up.

This is something people are wondering about lawyers, IRS analyzers, and fraud investigator s, do they really find a problem or try to find an honest mistake just to meet quotas, charge fees so that their agencies remain in business or something to that effect?

I for one can attest to these atrocities on the American citizens, and it is appalling, just as bad a entering some ones home and stealing their possessions, except those criminals are not legalized or educated and therefore are thrown in jail.

Let me explain. Due to so many regulations in all industries, no one can keep up with them, no one no matter who you are.

A perfect example is Microsoft, they are constantly treading the fine line and I know sometimes they are honest mistakes. If you file you taxes on accident, is it your fault, no.

The presidential cabinet agrees that no one is at fault for filing taxes improperly for the most part, but the IRS will fine you up the wazoo till you have nothing left.

I think they are ignorant, a system that creates a confusing tax system and requires non educated people to file taxes properly, what a joke.

This is why the president of the US has sent a board to come up with solutions. But who is to blame in this system, the politicians and bureaucrats.

They should be thrown in jail for finding honest mistakes and ruining business or stealing money.

I understand the need for laws, but people are just too dishonest and are always looking to benefit their organization.

We need a simpler tax and regulation system, the market will take control if we let it, but if not a fraud investigator might steal everything you own, even if you are perfect.

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