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Fake Degree Diploma & College Diploma Fake Degree


During the past few years, colleges have been developing their satellite courses to help students who travel and for other reasons depending on the courses.

It has slowly developed into online Fake Degree Diplomas. It is one of the most fantastic developments in education, only if it could develop a little further.

Many people have begun to develop their own "Internet Colleges" and it is really ruining the industry. With little regulation, people are able to pay other to write papers and help them take their tests.

This is causing distrust in the industry and undervalues diplomas granted from those colleges, which I deem as a fake degree diploma.

With public education stagnant in the 18 th century education system, we are left with little else to do.

However, some colleges are trying to avoid these college diploma fake degree by adding safe guards. University of Phoenix has satellite classrooms with real teachers to help instruct and monitor exams and papers.

This by far is one of the best satellite colleges with the most prestige.

Just be weary where you go to college for satellite or Internet diplomas, because it really can hurt you. Just like the difference of going to a little unknown school to an Ivy League school. Except with this people will look at you with disdain, like you are scamming the system with you fake degree diploma.

If you are going to do an online program, follow some of these steps first. What school is giving the online diploma?

Is it an accredited school like Harvard, Phoenix , Davis , etc? How much does it cost?

If it is too cheap it is fake, don't waste your time, it does cost at least $15,000-$30,000 for a good program.

Lastly, how long has the program been running? This will determine if the program is acceptable or not, don't be a guinea pig and then get a degree from a loosely accredited school.

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