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Summary of the Enron Scandal Continued


summary of the enron scandalJan 2002 - The U.S. Justice Department confirms it has begun a criminal investigation of Enron.

Jan 2002 - A former Enron employee testifies that she saw people shredding documents after the investigation was announced.

Jan 2002 - Kenneth Lay resigns as chairman and CEO of Enron.


Jan 2002 - The body of former Enron vice chairman John Clifford Baxter is found in his car. His suicide note is released in April.

Feb 2002 - The Department of Justice instructs the White House to preserve all Enron documents.

Feb 2002 - Skilling testifies, saying he knew of no problems at Enron when he resigned.

March 2002 - Former Enron auditor Arthur Andersen is indicted for destroying Enron documents.

June 2002 - Former Enron auditor Arthur Andersen convicted of obstruction.

Oct 2002 - Arthur Andersen is sentenced to probation and fined $500,000.

Oct 2002 - Fastow is indicted on 78 charges including, conspiracy, fraud, and money laundering.

Jul 2003 - Enron pays the state of New Jersey $109,000 to settle claims that the corporation had made illegal state campaign contributions in 1999.

Sept 2003 - Former Enron treasurer Ben Glisan Jr. pleads guilty to conspiracy. He is sentenced to five years in jail.


Jan 2004 - Andrew Fastow pleads guilty to conspiracy. He receives a reduced 10-year sentence for helping in the continuing Enron investigation. Lea Fastow pleads guilty to filing false tax forms. She receives One year in a federal prison.

Jan 2004 - Former chief accountant Richard Causey pleads innocent to conspiracy and fraud charges.

Feb 2004 - Skilling indicted, pleads innocent to 35 counts of Fraud, and Conspiracy.

July 2004 - Lay surrenders to FBI. He is Indictment under accusations of participating in a conspiracy to manipulate Enron's quarterly financial results, and making false public statements concerning the company's financial performance.

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