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Embezzlement Charges NC


What is Embezzlement and why has it become so prolific in the business world of the 21 century.

First, Embezzlement is illegal conversion of property belonging to another. In Embezzlement the Embezzler has to have had the responsibility for the item. For example, a companies profit is understated and the embezzler assumes control over the difference. In other words they convert the difference.

This is a little different then theft or larceny for the fact that in a theft objects just need change hands not actually be converted.

There has been much talk of e embezzlement charges in North Carolina or embezzlement charges NC and embezzlement charges Fayetteville .

We have come across embezzlement charges of a sheriff in NC a few years ago but overall embezzlement charges NC seem to be about the same as the rest of the country.

There is no real doubt that the cases of embezzlement has increased in recent years.

One of the major banks in the US estimated that its banks experience over 30 cases of embezzlement per month at annual losses of over $2.5 million.

The question remains as to the reason for this. Is it because the average criminal is becoming more daring? Is it because criminals think they are owed more then they are getting. Could it be that employers are continually getting a bad rep and as a result employees feel it is their right to take what they can get?

We are uncertain why reports embezzlement are continuing to rise each year. One thing is for certain there is no end in sight. It is up to business owners and overseers to carefully monitor their employees and financial records more closely to calm this increasing trend.


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