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There are many email scams out there to put you and your computer at risk. Some of these include: Advance Fee Fraud, Lottery Scams, Phishing, Auction Scams, and Employment Scams.

First on the list of email scams to watch out for is Advance Fee Fraud. This occurs when payment is required to release a much larger amount to you from a third party, to entice you into spending the cash. This has also been called the Nigerian or 419 Fraud, as victims are encouraged to travel to Nigeria or another border country. Most of the documentation sent is forged and illegal, and is sent by e-mail.

The next email scam is Lottery Scams. They require payment for you to receive a huge lottery prize, however these "prizes" do not exist and there are no winners. The "winners" are usually notified by e-mail.

Next on the list is Phishing. This is becoming a growing concern for internet users as people are sent official-looking e-mails from large, well-known internet businesses, such as e-bay. However they are using false information to gain your credit card numbers or other personal information. You are usually asked to confirm a credit card number or personal information which results in identity and personal theft.

Auction Scams are another type of email scam. They usually try to scam you out of money by using e-bay online auctions by subverting standard auction procedures.

Lastly, Employment Scams are something to watch out for. People are offered jobs, via e-mail to process international payments for companies. A certified check is paid to your bank account, you are supposed to deduct your commission and send on the rest. However, the fallback is that most of the cheques sent are fake, and you can be charged with money laundering.


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