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Don Lapre Scam


The unique and sly con artist like Don Lapre scam, keeping coming back again and again, and what is happening to stop these scams?

Nothing, law suits are filed but they have the scammed money already hidden somewhere and sometimes the law suit never takes form and stays hidden and unseen and eventually forgotten.

Don Lapre scam was scamming people a few years back by offering websites and other online internet ventures.

The money simply funneled into his bank account never to be seen again. Now he is back with vitamin scams.

He is not the only one, there are countless others prying on our weaknesses. Are you dying of cancer, pay $100,000 and I will cure you. Really, it works, it worked for this man here...If I was dying of cancer and had it, why not, right?

That is the problem, these con artist pick at people that have almost no choices left and they see an option no matter how absurd and they try it.

Just like the lotto, many people try to win but they know their odds of winning are so low they will die before winning.

Just like a cancer patient, near death, nothing left to do, but why not try this guys medicine or buy a lotto ticket? You can see why people fall for these traps and why these con artist are making so much money.

I just wish the FBI or someone would enforce the laws on these people and make their lives miserable. Because they are making many more people worse off. So beware of people like don lapre scam.


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