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Dalbey Russ Scam


The Dalbey Russ infomercial and unsolicited mail, is directly related to real estate and brokerage, you are taught how to get notes and re sell them on Mr Dalbey's web site for a profit.

The infomercial tells its clients that the package being bought is suitable for anyone including beginners, it also offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product after a 90 day trial.

Many people are taken in by the Dalbey Russ scam, Mr Dalbey is apparently a well known athlete and inspiration to all, yet according to customers who have bought his products, his business ethics leave a lot to be desired.

While reading up on this the old 'razor blades' sales technique, or bait and hook comes to mind!

During the infomercial you are offered a complete business system at a very reasonable price, this will tell you all of the secrets that Mr Dalbey uses to make his millions, what you are not told is that you will need to buy further training and products to make the business plan work, these extra bits are very expensive and still don't guarantee you an income!

High pressure tactics are used to get you to buy further products from the company, like hurry, this offer wont last!

Some customers who bought into the Dalbey Russ scam did not get their money back after claiming that they were unhappy with what was being sold to them, while others say they did receive their refund, most people who bought into this were displeased, because they found out later that there was more money to be spent just to get started, and they still hadn't made any money back from the investment.

Well if this isn't a scam I would be surprised, after all if you just think about it for a moment, if you were really making that much money from your investments, why would you want to share it with anyone?

Besides if Mr Dalbey is really that rich why doesn't he give all of the proceeds to charity?

If you are considering buying into this scam, reconsider! Infomercials and unsolicited mail are renowned for being unreliable and for giving false hope, they are best ignored.


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