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Crime Scene Investigator - The Real Story


A crime scene investigator is someone who shows up after the crime to determine who, why, when, what and other questions that might help in solving the crime.

There is a popular TV series called C.S.I. which obviously stands for crime scene investigation.

CSI is a very good television series that accurately depicts the job of a crime scene investigator with of course some puffing up, nothing on TV is 100% what real life is like. But it accurately depicts the difficulty of the crime scene investigator job.

The CSI's arrive at horror scenes and their insides turn, whether they show it or now.

They are helpless to strangle the victim since they are usually long gone or maybe even dead. So they must direct their feelings or emotions towards solving exactly what happened.

Crime scene investigators come in handy when trying to find the criminal, the collect hair samples, tissue samples or whatever else they can find to try and find the criminal.

Although the crime scene investigator science is not perfect, it is better than nothing. Recently a man who was executed on death row was cleared of his dealings in the case since the evidence of the blood was proven no to be his own. However, it was too late for this inmate, since he was executed some few years beforehand.

Yet, this man was connected to the case and did not cooperate very well with the authorities and that is why he was obviously given the death penalty.

If you are planning on being a crime scene investigator, be prepared physically and mentally.

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