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Avoiding eBay Scams

The eBay feedback system is your best insurance against becoming a victim of
scams and fraud. Although rare, scams do occasionally exist on eBay.

However, a little common sense combined with a feedback check will protect you from these unscrupulous eBay scam artists. is noted for providing the savvy consumer with incredible deals. However, if the deal is too good to be true then you should conduct a little research on the seller. A seller's record is available for all to see through the feedback system.

We have provided a simple feedback checklist that you may can follow to determine the
integrity of a seller.

Generally the greater the Seller's total number of feedbacks the better. However, great
bargains are often offered by new sellers on eBay and certainly should be considered.

Does the seller have any negative feedback?This is your first line of defense to avoiding eBay scams. Carefully review any negative feedback and use this information in deciding if you want to become involved in a transaction with this seller.

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In previous transactions, was your seller a seller or buyer? The far right column will have a 'S' for seller and a 'B' for buyer. A seller with feedback derived primarily as a
buyer (B) generally is quite safe, but this combined with other warning flags requires careful scrutiny.

What items does this seller usually offer at auction? A seller that typically offers low dollar household items suddenly wants to auction his Ferrari for a quarter of a million requires you to proceed with caution.

Do the feedback dates correspond to auction ending dates? Check the auction ending dates vs. the feedback post dates and you may discover someone praising fast delivery within hours of auction ending. This is possible but not likely. Con artists need to work fast to perpetrate the scam before it is discovered and removed from eBay so may rush the feedback.

Check the sellers' recent activity. Has the seller has been dormant for a long period of time? Do they have any recent feedback?

Feedback posted within the last ninety days provides us with a live link to the completed auction through the Item number in the feedback line. Click the item number (the number to the far right) to view the auction the feedback references. The item number links are usually available for ninety days and offer you the ability to learn more about the seller.

Does the current auction you are interested in fit with sellers' prior auctions, and does the auction format look the same?

Researching a member's feedback is your best line of defense to avoid becoming
a victim of an online eBay scam. While checking the seller credentials look for any out-of-place information, radical change in mode of operation, activity after a long
dormant period and of course negative comments. Check out


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