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Clinical Management Trial


Lately the Medical Drug Industry has been feeling a pinch in an effort to avoid the press that has occurred due to the last few accidental deaths in their clinical management trial.

A company in Europe for example, ran a test on about 10 subjects and the dosage was accidentally too high and killed almost all of the subjects.

Yes, sadly to say around 10 people have been laid in their coffins to rest for an eternity from a prescription clinical management drug trial.

They knew the risks and signed waivers as do all test subjects. However, no one believes that the industry would ever screw up this bad in a clinical management trial.

The drug industry has a specific trial and error program with three specific phases.

Once the drug has been created it is tested in various phases to determine dosage and side effects.

Usually the first clinical management trial is with animals and other methods of testing. Once this has been established they test on a handful of around 10-20 humans.

Usually this does not result in death, since they have determined the appropriate dosages or scrapped the project during the previous phase of a clinical management trial .

This is the phase at which the most recent deaths have occurred at. The last trial consists of around 1,000 or so test subjects, this will determine how often subjects get symptoms such as bleeding, head aches, etc.

The system works rather well, but unfortunately these last few months, someone has been administering the wrong dosage and causing unnecessary deaths.

There is not much we can say or do. You cannot stop the R&D, we need drugs and medicines since Americans want to live forever.

We all need drugs and someone needs to test them, especially since those animal rights activists would rather have humans tested on than animals.

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