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Celebrity Chx Scandal


The celebrity Chx scandal is a well known problem, with any unsuspecting victim being the target of this cruel prank.

This type of celebrity scandal is something that can happen to anyone if they are not careful and don't take care of their property, or leave their personal belongings such as cell phones within reach of others.

What has happened with the celebrity chx scandal is the young lady, who was well known from the Pinoy big brother house, has had her mobile phone picked up by a thief, maybe even someone she knew?

After being careless and leaving it unguarded, someone has got hold of the celebrities personal photos of her posing nude and in compromising positions that were apparently taken by her ex-boyfriend.

These have been extracted from her mobile phone and passed around all over the internet.

The celebrity chx scandal is an invasion of privacy and just one of the problems faced by those in the show biz industry. It is a problem that celebrities face constantly, and it is believed to have happened to many celebrities in the past.

The only sure fire method of avoiding such exposure is to secure personal items- like photos in a safe place, like in your pc secured by a password.

Or better still don't keep them at all! This type of celebrity scandal can be both harmful and shameful on the victim, who is a person first and celebrity second, everyone deserves the same amount of privacy, weather they are a celebrity or one of us non famous people.

People have come to enjoy their privacy, and those who do should safe guard it.

Although being a part of big brother and rendering your privacy to a reality television show is as much to say you have very little regard for it any way.

I wonder weather this was a ploy to gain further recognition and celebrity status by this girl? After all bad publicity is still publicity!

She certainly has become a house hold name because of the chx scandal!


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