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Certified Fraud Examiners


The association of Certified Fraud examiners is a community of people dedicated to reducing the occurrence of world wide fraud, and white collar crimes.

There are currently 36,000 professionals world wide who have joined this organization as certified members.

The certified fraud examiners are trained in techniques of how to professionally resolve allegations of fraud in businesses and for personal clients.

In their mission statement the Association of certified fraud examiners claim that they make it their business to understand how and why fraud occurs in order to prevent it from happening.

A a fraud examiners duty is to resolve allegations of fraud, detect and prevent it from happening, by advising clients how best to prevent it from happening to them, and what measures will make you or your company safer.

A certified fraud examiner will gather evidence of a fraud that has taken place, take statements from people that have some kind of link to the occurrence, then write reports and testify the findings to the courts.

The ACFE also provides a 24 hour 375 day per year anonymous hot line for clients or the general public who are wanting to report fraudulent activities or need information on a possible fraud that could be taking place.

This company can also be very helpful with doing back ground checks on employees, or subjects who are under scrutiny of being involved in fraud.

There are resources available to become a certified fraud examiner, and the ACFE has a very informative web site offering links to how to become certified, or how to find a certified fraud examiner in your area.

This seems to be a very valuable resource and service in the never ending battle to prevent fraud, fraudsters beware!


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