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Carleton Sheet Scam


Carleton Sheets provides a real estate course consisting of training DVDs and CDs for approx. $400. This course is aimed at helping the first time real estate investor make sound investments.

The Carleton Sheet scam is frequently advertised on those late night infomercials that everyone loves to hate.

In the infomercial you are offered the change to purchase the Carleton Sheets course at $9.95 for 30 days in which time if you are not satisfied you can get your money back and keep from being charged the full price of $400. If however, you like the course and want to continue then you are expected to pay the full $400 fee.

There are many, many complaints of people returning the course for on reason or another and their credit cards being billed for the full $400. These people have contacted Carleton Sheets customer service over and over and were not provided refund.

In many cases the people resorted to filing a claim with their credit card companies in an attempt to retrieve their money.

The Carleton Sheet scam continues on and on. Many others claim their credit cards were charged hundreds for items they never received nor purchased. Some of these items included 'Successful Investing & Money Management' and 'Investor's Edge videos'.

In short, it is obvious to anyone researching this company that Carleton Sheets is a scam.

If anyone has any complaints regarding the Carleton Sheet scam please contact the Better Business Bureau or Carleton Sheets directly.


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