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Burrito In Mouse Scam

ID Ah yes, the familiar topic of revenge raises it's ugly head again with the burrito in mouse scam.

Aparently a man named Ryan Daniel Goff age 20, was eating at Toco Bell in Jan when he complained to his friends that his meal tasted funny and that something was wrong. He then brought his burrito in mouse scam to the front desk where he complained again to an employee there.

The Taco Bell employee did everything correctly offering to replace his burrito with a fresh one. However Goff refused saying he wanted to keep the original burito. He then proceeded to leave the restaurant with it. later that day Geoff called the Taco Bell and spoke with the manager. This is when Geoff requested some compensation by requestiong "something that would make his ears tingle".

Of course the manager was having none of the burrito in mouse scam and called the police.

The police charged Geoff with one count of attempted extortion.

At the courthouse Geoff's girlfriend actually told the judge she say Geoff buy the mouse at a local pet store and then place it in his bureto at the

Tacco Bell.

For his part in the burrito in mouse scam Geoff had his bail set at


This brings new meaning to you are what you eat, if only the mouse was a rat!

How do people like this think they can get away with such a stupid crime?

Common, a mouse in your buretto? Are you kidding me. This kinda stunt should be posted as an entry for the idiot awards.

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