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Bio Performance Scam or Bioperformance Scandal


Go to Google and type in bio performance scam, amazingly the top results are not about a scam but about bio performance scam reps and MLM.

Yes, these people know they are bio performance scammers and purchase the keywords.

I thought this was the funniest thing yet, bio performance scammers are so inventive.

If you try and find out about this scam you will just come up with info on how to buy the product. The search results returned over 250,000 results.

Another piece of advice that any Internet guru would tell you, if MLM and a product are side by side, the product is either false or not worth it.

This supposed gas pill to increase miles per gallon is nothing but an old scam from a few years back that is propping up again since gas prices are on the rise to new heights.

The first question to ask yourself, if this pill is such a great invention then why isn't it sold at gas stations for a high price?

Why isn't it sold at Safeway or Wal-Mart?

It would sell more units than any movie or game in such a short period.

The second question, do you trust any MLM program?

Name a MLM program that has actually never scammed or defrauded someone?

This is a too good to be true program, hands down.

Avoid it at all costs. If you want better gas mileage buy a new car, and not a gas electric car, they are just as bad as this bio performance scam or bioperformance scandal.

Their batteries are expensive to replace and they do not get much better gas mileage for the price.

Toyota has a new car called the various and they also have scions which get excellent gas mileage for a great price.

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