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Barry Bonds Scandal


If there is one athlete that has been in the lime light more than most, it must be Barry Bonds scandal.

He is being accused of using steroids based on the word of one man, and when I say word, I mean word. The doctor who supposedly administered the drug to Barry Bonds has been indicted previously for doing the same thing with other celebrities.

However, the doctors remains strong in his conviction with the Barry Bonds scandal case stating that he has administered steroids to athletes but he never gave them to Barry Bonds.

So could it be a huge publicity stunt?

Barry Bonds scandal did not admit to it, the Doctor who would have given it to him, still attests that he did not, so we are left with the word of one person out to knock down this Super Star Baseball player, is this a conspiracy or something or just publicity for the diminishing sport of Baseball?

If he did, what is the problem?

There are still others who have used steroids and they are still playing after paying fines and time off.

Another point is who is pushing Barry Bonds scandal to make the Home Runs? It is in the Major League Baseball to leave him alone.

No proof, no basis, and no one really cares, so what is the fuss all about? Barry Bonds was recently injured, he is old, he is not going to be in the game much longer!

People just don't want him to beat Babe Ruth's scrore, which is the agenda. Who says Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron never used steroids?

I think that this is another perfect example of how the media makes money and creates stories like the Barry Bonds Scandal, just think about it, it makes sense.

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