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Auto Fraud


Auto fraud is the second largest crime committed, and is only second to tax fraud costing insurance companies and their policy holders 17 billion annually, and it is escalating at a rapid pace.

The criminals are very crafty in the way they commit this crime. Usually they will stage an accident, that will appear to be the other parties fault, like waving you on in traffic, then purposely running into you, the criminals will then fake injury of themselves and their passengers and request that your insurance company pay for repairs to their car, and their medical bills.

One of the sure fire ways to tell whether you have been victim to auto fraud is if the other party involved in the accident contacts you soon after and suggests the doctor and repair shop, the criminals are usually affiliated with these people and will charge your insurance company thousands of dollars for shoddy work.

If you suspect a scam going on, or if this has happened to you or a friend, it needs to be reported immediately to the national insurance beuro.

Auto fraud is not just an annoying crime but it is also dangerous, one of the effects that it could have on your life as a result of being a victim to this crime is, sustaining a serious injury from the crash, thousands of people are injured in car crashes every day, some of the injuries are horrific and life altering.

These criminals are putting your life and wellbeing on the line and are profiting from your misery. Don't let them get away with it!

Take note of who was in the car that day, get their names, numbers and addresses, write down the number plate of the car involved, and try to keep a disposable camera in your car, so that if you are involved in an accident you can take photos of the other car for your insurance company.

This will make it difficult for criminals to lay further claims later on down the track.

As well as injuring you these criminals will ruin your insurance record, this will mean that you will have to pay high premiums, and loose any bonuses for not having a claim in the past.

That's going to cost you even more money, don't let this happen, be informed and if you suspect this type of crime is, or has taken place report it immediately!


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