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Attorney Litigation Trial Scandal


Attorney and scandal in the same sentence, why never, attorneys uphold the law, right?

A sad truth is the degeneration of good attorneys, too many attorney's is leading to too many problems.

Since there are not enough jobs they must create trials and they will pull a needle from a haystack, but is it the right needle and do they care?

Most attorneys will never care if their client is guilty or not, they just want their client to be satisfied and to make all that money.

This has lead to a wave of attorney litigation trial scandal and it is ever increasing.

Attorney litigation trial scandal and others, can they be solved, is there an end to this perversion to the law?

People argue over the new immigration law, but wait, if they are illegal they are committing a crime, what is the difference.

The new simply enforces the current law and makes it more difficult to break the law.

If they would sit back and look at all the benefits to the law they might be educated and understand why, but they will never.

Because they have lawyers supporting them and telling them what and how to say it. All criminals want to remain not guilty and continue their way of life thus creating a larger need for attorney litigation trial scandals.

Lawyers may not deserve the hundreds of thousands of dollars they currently make. I wish that something could be done to abolish the current attorney litigation trial scandal system which does not work.

It costs four times as much and the wrong people are sent to jail and made to pay fines, it does not work no mater how many good things come of it, too many bad things come of it to outweigh the good.

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