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Arbonne Scam


Arbonne International is an online company offering skin care products developed in Switzerland and based on botanical principals.

Some of their products include: body care products, skin care products, aromatherapy, nutrition and weight -loss products. They operate on a network marketing scheme which offers people the opportunity to work through their company, at home.

There are positive elements as well as drawbacks to becoming a distributor for Arbonne. Some positives about the company include the fact that they have been an established company since 1980, their products are hypo-allergenic, dermatologist-tested, and not tested on animals.

However, this company is competing against 2 of the biggest cosmetic companies of all time, Avon and Mary Kay. This competition leads to more work on the part of the distributor to incur sales, more door-to-door selling, and more parties to sponsor. A lot of extra money is also necessary for people considering joining the team at Arbonne, to purchase inventory.

Their products are also overpriced, resulting in more effort on the part of the distributor to sell the product.

Even though there are rumours circulating that there is an Arbonne scam, the information available seems to imply that Arbonne does not advocate itself as a 'get rich quick' project.

As a matter of fact, Arbonne International explains on their web-site that sales depend on certain things, and that many people who get involved prosper, while others don't. They explain that every sales distributor makes different levels of sales, and therefore different figures of income.


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