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Arbonne International Scam


There has been hundreds of sites, blogs, message boards focusing on Arbonne international and asking about the possibility of an Arbonne international scam.

Arbonne International is based in California and has been around sine the early 1980's.

At this moment you are probably asking, what is Arbonne International? Arbonne International focuses on selling numerous products in direct competition with companies such as Mary Kay and Avon .

Arbonne's 300 products include such items as baby care products, skin care products, hair products etc... Arbonne's most famous products include all-natural products focusing on the body, mind and spirit.

The questions we received regarding the possibility of an Arbonne international scam focused on the distribution methods.

In order to become an Arbonne international distributor you have to purchase an introduction starter kit.

You can purchase the basic starter kit for $29 or the super kit for $65. Upon receiving your starter kit you are recognized as an Arbonne international distributor and receive approximately 35% commission on sales made.

We have talked to a few Arbonne International distributors and they were happy with their moderate success with the program.

It seems as if most of the talk surrounding the possibility of an Arbonne International scam focuses on the fact that Arbonne International employs Multi Level Marketing (MLM) as a major part of their business plan.

Multi Level Marketing or MLM in itself is not a scam however, it is a business model that has received a very bad reputation due to the fact that many companies such as Amway and Quixtar apply this model among much criticism.

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