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The AmeriPlan Scam ?


The following information is a summary of our research regarding inforamtion on the so called AmeriPlan Scam.

Is this information correct? We advise you to visit the links below and refer to the letter sent to us claiming to be from Ameriplan National Vice President, Michael Lancto.

AmeriPlan is a provider access organization that uses brokers to provide supplemental health benefits to members. AmeriPlan Corporation arranges for members to have access to dental, vision, prescription drug and chiropractic providers who have agreed to offer their services at negotiated discounts off their usual and customary fees.

The AmeriPlan business opportunity pays out a variety of commissions and bonuses to its brokers based on member acquisition.

AmeriPlan claims to be an insurance company. However, AmeriPlan benefits are not insurance. Participants must use an AmeriPlan provider in order to receive any discount.

The AmeriPlan scam takes place when a representative calls offering 2,500 dollar credit card for $249. This card can be used for medical expenses supposedly covered under AmeriPlan. The caller informs the potential client that they will receive the card in the mail before their bank account is debited. This is not the case.

If a customer asks for more information they are told they will not receive any information until they send their payment.

Often customers do not receive their card yet their accounts are debited the $249.

When the customer calls to find out about the charges they are told they can no longer get the $249 deal. Of course the customers' next move is to try to cancel their account with AmeriPlan. Customers are told they cannot cancel their account over the phone and that they will have to fill out a cancellation form via the internet.

It has been reported that this cancellation process does not work. Customers call back to AmeriPlan and are told to fill out the form online and that nothing else can be done, leaving the customer in a catch 22 situation.

AmeriPlan claims these cases are isolated and that they, "have never had any of these complaints." However, any internet search on The AmeriPlan Scam will yield an alarming number of consumer complaints.


We recently received a complaint about this article claiming its contents were false. This letter was reported to come from Ameriplan's National Vice President, Michael Lancto (although he had a yahoo email address). He accused us of posing misleading information and false advertising. As a response we have posted only a few links used for researching this article.

Below are only 4 links we came across in less then 5 minutes while researching Ameriplan. These links are intended to provide a wider view about Ameriplan then is merely written in article above.

We also though it be prudent to post the actual letter sent to us. This letter claims to clear up any misleading formation presented above. Click Here For Letter

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