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The AmeriPlan Letter


YOUR SITE CLAIMS: AmeriPlan claims to be an insurance company.

FACT: Ameriplan states all over ever website of ours and every brochure and every DVD that we are NOT insurance. This statement is totally false.

YOUR SITE CLAIMS: The AmeriPlan scam takes place when a representative calls offering 2,000 dollar credit card for $249. This card can be used for medical expenses supposedly covered under AmeriPlan. The caller informs the potential client that they will receive the card in the mail before their bank account is debited. This is not the case.

FACT: Ameriplan does not have a $2000 dollar credit card.

FACT: We have NO startup option for $249. Sounds like whoever made this false claim is a very confused person.

FACT: We clearly state that our program offers deep discounts on medical expenses and that our members pay for the service at the time of service.

FACT: The person making this false claim mentions "the caller" but no name is given. They imply that "the caller" is reading from a company script, but there is NO company script. IF an IBO told them their card would arrive before their bank account was debited, then that ONE IBO did not give truthful information. That does not make our company or the other 70,000+ IBOs bad.

YOUR SITE CLAIMS: If a customer asks for more information they are told they will not receive any information until they send their payment.

FACT: Once again, WHO are they asking? They are asking an IBO who is working out of their home as and Independent Business Owner. No company can police what an independent contractor says from their home phone. The fact is that if a potential customer wants more information, there is a wealth of information about Ameriplan available to them via many web sites, DVDs, and brochures. To make this claim is totally irresponsible and shows that www.corporatenarc.com is not interested in doing the slightest effort at finding the truth, but rather only in proliferating any accusation regardless if it true OR NOT.

YOUR SITE CLAIMS: Often customers do not receive their card yet their accounts are debited the $249.

FACT: Ameirplan does not have a startup option for $249, and if a membership (customer) does not receive a card, they can easily call Ameriplan and request another be sent. The number one reason a member does not receive a card is that the member (customer) mistypes their own address when they sign up or if they are mailing or faxing an application their handwritting is illegible. To make the absurb claim that that "OFTEN customers do not receive their card" is to assume that the idiot who wrote this is somehow God who knows exactly how many cards were ordered and how many did not arrive into the hands of the membership. Furthermore, we have found other members who claimed not to have received their cards -- who actually found their cards when they asked other family members about their MAIL.

YOUR SITE CLAIMS: When the customer calls to find out about the charges they are told they can no longer get the $249 deal. Of course the customers' next move is to try to cancel their account with AmeriPlan. Customers are told they cannot cancel their account over the phone and that they will have to fill out a cancellation form via the internet.

FACT: There is not a "$249 deal".

FACT: If Ameriplan cancelled anyone who just "called in to cancel" then anyone could call Ameriplan and cancel other people's account that they did not like. As any professional company would have the same policy, Ameriplan needs cancellation information in writing to prove that it is the MEMBER wishing to cancel and not someone ELSE who is trying to fraudulently cancel their membership. This is called "checks and balances" and the person making these false claims seems totally ignorant of the simpliest of sound business practices. Any member can cancel my mailing or faxing a cancellation letter with their name, address, phone, member ID, and any personal data that will confirm their identity. Also this information can be EMAILED as well, and when a member CALLS Ameriplan to cancel, they are told ALL these various ways they can cancel.

YOUR SITE CLAIMS: It has been reported that this cancellation process does not work. Customers call back to AmeriPlan and are told to fill out the form online and that nothing else can be done, leaving the customer in a catch 22 situation.

FACT: This is totally false. There is no "form online" to cancel, and there never has been. The person making this false claim is mentally confused. Furthermore, 1 business day after mailing, faxing, or emailing cancellation information a member can call Ameriplan toll-free and verify they are cancelled and will not be charged again.

YOUR SITE CLAIMS: AmeriPlan claims these cases are isolated and that they, "have never had any of these complaints." However, any internet search on The AmeriPlan Scam will yield an alarming number of consumer complaints.

FACT: Here's a clue that the person making these false claims is not telling the truth ... they do not give their name or their contact information. Never ever believe anonymous hate mail. This anonymous person has an agenda, and their agenda is obviously not to help people with the truth, because their false claims are easily exposed for the lies and distortions that they are. Furtherfore, anyone tempted to believe anything this anonymous accuser says, can contact the Dallas Better Business Bureau -- who by the way, recently congratulated Ameriplan for having the best (yes the #1) best track record of ALL the companies that are approved by the BBB.

Ameriplan is the PREMIER and the BEST discounted health care plan in the country with over 1.5 million people happily covered. Ameriplan has been operating now for 14 years and doing business in every state (except Alaska). Very powerful.

Michael Lancto
Ameriplan National Vice President


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