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Air America Scandal

The American liberal radio network and Air America have been around for just under a year and in that time have managed to climb to the top of the scandal world.


In August Air America Scandal made headlines when news surfaced about a loan scandal involving the New York-based Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club.

Evan Montvel Cohen who was the CEO and co-founder of Air America 's parent company Progress Media Inc. asked for a loan from the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club because he had been involved with them in a successful fundraiser in 2003.

The loans he received totaled more then $800,000.

In early 2004, Piquant LLC acquired Air America from Progress Media Inc. When they acquired the company they refused to acknowledge the debt owed to Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club. They reportedly paid them $50,000 in the hopes things would blow over, however things have not.

The New York states attorney is now investigating the matter. The New York department of investigation has suspended all grants and contracts as of June due to the fact the funds were misused and misallocated.

The other interesting about this story is how little news coverage the Air America scandal seems to be getting.

Some major networks have reported the story through passing comments; however none have jumped on board to cover the story as well as significant updates.
The scandal continues to circulate.

How many grants and donations went into the pockets of Air America executives is anyone's guess.


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