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Adelphia Comunications Scandal


What is going on with the government and the communications arena?

It was not more than a century ago that companies like AT&T were split up for being monopolist pigs who were abusing the American people all for the love of money.

Now, scandal after scandal is occurring and all the monopolists are buying back their smaller split up parts. What are we to do when we are faced with scandals such as adelphia comunications scandal and their adelphia power page?

If we do not begin to raise our voices in contradiction and nothing is brought to light to show why it should not be done, than everything will be left in darkness and evil will rise again to over power the American people and dominate their wallet books until it becomes to grotesque that everyone fights back to regain a balance within the economy that fairness is once again established.

Why is it that we must go through scandals like adelphia comunications scandal, Enron, AT&T, before we begin to raise our voices, are we so blinded by marketing and money that we would do what they want?

Do we really want to be puppets in their arena, to dance to their beat?

Most of us, most certainly do not want this.

Therefore, we should raise our voices and say our piece. At least this way people know what they are bringing upon themselves and cannot turn around and throw a law suit in the companies face to make money.

Sure they can make a case and sue the company, but in the end, the judge knows you gave in, it was your choice.

The company will be split again and you will be left poorer than ever. Don't let such scams like the adelphia comunications scandal get you.


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