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Abramoff Jack Scandal


Jack Abramoff has been in the public eye lately. 'That's not uncommon' you might say. Jack Abramoff is a lobbyist in Washington who holds a very close relationship to both republican and conservative leaders.

So what's new about a political scandal? Well this one crosses into the world of business. The Abramoff Jack scandal or the Jack Abramoff Scandal has hit Americans hard. In a time when most Americans are strongly questioning their governments' intentions the Abramoff scandal becomes national news.

Jack Abramoff was the driving force behind the decision of Tom DeLay to collect millions from clients such as Indian tribes. Then Abramoff decided to live the highlife.

Abramoff spend untold thousands on trips, meals, sporting events for lawmakers and political candidates. All the time he was telling the Indian tribes to give their money to the respective political candidate parties. It is no wonder this has been coined the Abramoff Jack scandal or the Jack Abramoff scandal.

Prosecutors are now investigating whether or not Jack Abramoff committed fraud in asking and accepting the money from the Indian tribes.

As if this wasn't enough, just this week Abramoff entered a plea of guilty to three separate charges. The charges include fraud, conspiracy to bribe a public official and tax evasion. All were committed in 2000.

Perhaps the worst news for Abramoff is that two of Abramoff's business partners have pleaded guilty to their own separate charges of murder and fraud and have agreed to testify against Abramoff.

Scandals such as the Abramoff Jack scandal have wide ranging repercussions

At a time when the public support for the White House and government officials is at it's lowest point since the Vietnam war the people need honesty and character from their elected leaders not scandal, fraud and corruption. As such, a Scandal such as this will only serve to harden the American public's faith in their elected leaders.

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