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Zocor Lawsuits


In the verge of finding medical solution to healthy living, a drug called Zocor (simvastatin) was introduced to the market in 1997.

High cholesterol foods and sedentary living is two major contributors on the rise of stroke and heart attack issues these past years.

For this reason, many health-conscious individuals are looking for alternative solution or at least want to make sure that they will freed of the possible consequences of eating high cholesterol contents food, thus avoiding sudden death or stroke.  

Zocor drug initially was an additional drug prescribed for patients undergoing diet therapy mainly because either these patients have suffered high cholesterol issues or have experienced stroke already.

Zocor lawsuits was added to these patients prescription medicines and were advised to have plenty of exercise in reducing the possibility of sudden death due to coronary heart attack.

On one hand and similar to most prescription drugs, Zocor's intake has limitations and patients are to be warned of the possible side effects of taking zocor lawsuits.  

Patients with liver problems, pregnant women or those women who are on their childbearing ages or are planning to get pregnant are advised not to take zocor. Breastfeeding women and those patients taking

Posicor drug are also not to be issued with zocor lawsuits prescription.

Despite these warnings, zocor put the life of many patients at great risks. Instead of supporting healthy diet, Zocor increased liver problems among patients, kidney problems and weakening of the muscles.

Further laboratory tests following such complaints revealed that zocor use may be fatal for this drugs' component affects the heart to function properly, promotes cancer, impairment to bear children or mutations.

With these health issues flooding the angry consumer groups, class suits were filed left and right against the zocor manufacturer Merck & Co., Inc.

Unfortunately, despite many complaints and trials, the company did not immediate ceased the production of zocor in the market up to the early 2000. 

In the latter years, Merck & Co., Inc. took stand against many class suits. These days however, zocor remains in the market with the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For further information about zocor, it is highly recommended that you contact your doctor.


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