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YTB Scam


What is YTB? We have been hearing a lot about the rumor of a YTB Scam, so we thought we'd investigate.

Through YTB you can purchase your own travel business site for approx. $350. They have over 34,000 associates. There is also an additional cost of $49.95 per month for support. You also must also have "people under you". This means you must recruit people to the business opportunity as well. In essence this is functioning as a basic MLM scheme.

When you book travel with vendors as an owner of YTB you receive 75% commission.

As well as their training and commission structure YTB offers exclusive travel promotions to members. For example YTB recently offered a trip including a 4day/3 night cruise in the Bahamas for $149 per person.

Many people we have talked to and have read about do support YTB 100% so what is all the talk of the YTB Scam.

They claim that the allegations of a YTB Scam are utterly false and that they had the chance to purchase a travel business at a fraction of what a travel franchisee would cost (upwards of $25,000).

The only problem the people working with YTB see is the problem of the companies' structure and stock position. Over 2006 the stock of YTB dropped significantly leaving people who invested heavily wondering what to do.

Another issue is that World Ventures, with its Headquarters in Texas , is another travel marketing company seems poised to "outlast, outplay, and outwit" the competition.

In conclusion, is there a YTB Scam? It doesn't seem so. At the very most YTB is another company recruiting people to work for and market their business idea. What's wrong with this...Answer: NOTHING. The ownness is on the customer and business owner. Do your research and you'll be fine!

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