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YTB Travel Scam

Nowadays, the main target of most scam operators is companies that are fully established already and earning multi-billion dollars. They also target those companies or businesses that have good reputation to people and its consumers. One of these companies is the YTB Travel.

YTB Travel is one company that is directly involved with travel industry. Its business had evolved among its consumers. However, opportunist people had created a concept of conceiving other people through scamming. This is where the YTB Travel Scam comes in.

The YTB Travel Scam operates by allowing some interested parties of buying their pieces of business amounting from $350 to $500 just for a website.

They also charge some compulsory and additional fee of $49.95 every month for support expenses. Signing up for the website is also a requirement whereas the member is in need of recruiting people under their network.

This is another form of MLM scam or illegal pyramid scheme. The operators of the YTB Travel Scam would even offer some free holidays and deals to the members once they got to offer other people under their network

Nowadays, it would be hard to recruit other people of getting into some travel expenses because of the high competition of sales and recruiting in the travel market. Aside from this, when we talk of travel expenses, it would be quite hard to convince other people to prioritize such.

This is how the YTB Travel Scam operates as they get to the nerves of other people on how they easily convinced. However, it's still a choice for the person to get involved in the scam or not.

The YTB Travel Scam also deals with the claims of the representatives of the members whereas the expenses paid for the travel is 20% more than the price of the other travel companies. With this, it's obviously that the scam is involved. So before joining any deals offered by some online travel services, it is important to request for some documentations as proofs.

One attractive offer by the YTB Travel Scam is the member or representative can be able to earn an amount of $500 for every one recruit, which is obviously very impossible. You can't just earned that $500 with a single convince to someone. From this offer itself, you can easily identify if the offer is a scam or not.

Traveling packages and other exotic trips are also offered by the operators of the YTB Travel Scam for every recruit made. Well, aside from the earnings of $500, travel packages and other exotic trips as well await you. This is definitely too good to be true. No one in the world would make such offer with just a less effort or work of recruiting someone under some pyramid schemes.

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