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World Leadership Group Scam


World leadership group scam(WLG) is a mortgage broker company that works as a franchise. What this means is that someone sells the loans to others. He gets to keep a certain commission from selling a loan to someone.

He can then recruit people to work under him and also sell loans. These people will pay him a small fee from their sale because he recruited them. This keeps going down the line for however many people work for them.

WLG scam or World leadership group scam also goes by many names. Some of them are the Global Equity Lending (GEL). This name is famous for having a lot of the scams associated with it. WLG also goes by the name of the National Lending Corporation (NLC). With so many names associated with this business it makes you wonder what they have to hide.

The problem with this system is people cannot find out who is truly in charge. There are so many people who are just above the next guy that it's hard to track down the management if something goes wrong.

Also, the management gets a cut from all the profits of everyone. This means they can sit back and do minimal work and get paid for doing it. This isn't a problem if they were doing some actual management work. However, when all they do is sit back and rake in the money that was hard earned by other members in the program it makes one question their ethics.

These types of companies have a reputation for cheating people and having a lot of scams involved with them. WLG scam is no exception to this general rule. A lot of people are suspicious of how much the top executives get paid by taking money off the top from sales. Plus for every sale you do there is a fee weather or not you close it. This means that people up top are earning a lot of free money.

Some of the complaints involving World leadership group scam include:

  • Agents who don't have enough sales experience or training.
  • Not being able to follow through and close all the loans that they make.
  • Some of the executives are getting paid for loans that they didn't work on and had no involvement in.
  • Very aggressive recruiting system and people. There are a lot of complains about people above you complaining about trying to get you to leave. By doing this they get everything resulting from your hard work.

A lot of people complain how they have gotten family and friends into the system only to be scammed. This causes them to lose trust with their friends and family. A lot of people have ruined relationships with this system. This also makes people question your ethics and weather or not you were ever a trustworthy person.

It makes you wonder with all these complaints what is good about this system. So far the only good thing is that some people actually do make money. This number isn't enough to make the system good, however. The average person in the World leadership group scam will end up losing their money and maybe even their friends because of the scams like world leadership group scam.

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