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What is the Perfume Hoax


What is the perfume hoax ?

Well, when we say hoax, it has something to do with a trick that is very misleading to any person who is very naïve and gullible in believing that is false.

Hoaxes can be in different forms such as outright scandalous swindle and some good hearted practical jokes. With these forms, hoaxing only means to deceive someone.

There is one kind of hoax that is popularly scattering nowadays and it is called the perfume hoax. Perfume hoax may come in numerous ways but the most tremendous one is the one scattered as online mails.

This kind of hoax normally involve a story of a person who or a group of persons who is or are being approached by some nuisance email on what kind of perfume does he or she wears.

Once the person replied to this perfume hoax email, the hoaxers will try selling them some bogus or fake perfumes. As soon as the transaction is done and both parties agreed to meet for the delivery of perfume, the victim would definitely test or try the product by sniffing or smelling.

When this happens, the victim will become unconscious thereinafter he or she will waked up finding out that he has been robbed or she has been raped.

The joke or lie of perfume hoax can change any person's life. It may cause great misfortunes to the person in many ways.

So if you receive a perfume hoax in any ways, research actual stories from different sources before allowing yourself to believe in it. In this way, you can prevent yourself from experiencing misfortunes and despair in your life.

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