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Welfare Fraud Statistics


Welfare fraud statistics demonstrates an overall descending trend in absolute figures though the US population statistics shows an increase in population volume due to immigration and a positive birth rate.

According to welfare fraud statistics most of the welfare programs are nothing except scams, frauds and illusions.

As a fact absolute welfare fraud statistics is quite tough to calculate. Certainly welfare fraud could cost tax payers millions of dollars each year worldwide. Averting welfare fraud is a steady fight for Governments around the whole globe.

Computers and new legislation in a variety of jurisdictions are becoming more efficient and successful in detecting and checking welfare fraud. Undoubtedly in some instances welfare scams are almost impossible to detect regardless of having modern and superior security measures.

Such as, if a person who is getting welfare fund in addition to several welfare benefits and he/she also has other earning sources that he/she isn't reporting. In such cases it's almost impossible to find such perpetrators unless they are reported or a Government movement finds out their unreported earnings. Reporting welfare fraud is undoubtedly a great help to Governments in detecting and stopping such reprobates.

According to welfare fraud statistics “unreported income” is the most common type of welfare fraud. The offenders collect a welfare check together with receiving income from other sources which they don't report to the Government.

In welfare fraud statistics “ineligible child or children” is the second most common kind of welfare fraud which occurs when the parent report their children don't live in the home, or even in some instances, they said they don't exist. According to welfare fraud statistics another type of welfare fraud is “false alias”.

As a fact some people take excessive measures in creating fake identities in order to make numerous welfare claims.

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