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Welfare Fraud


So, what exactly is welfare fraud? There are a number of ways in which you can commit welfare fraud.

For example, if you report that a parent is absent from a household when he or she really is not, you are committing welfare fraud.

If you deliberately fail to report any type of change in income which would make you no longer eligible to receive welfare, you are committing welfare fraud.

If you receive benefits from two or more states at once or if you receive benefits for children who are no longer living in your home, you are committing this crime.

You may not realize how common welfare fraud is. It is a major problem which occurs each and everyday, in large cities and small towns alike. Why is it such a major problem?

Well, this is because it is a huge burden on the money of the taxpayers.

The amount of money that they pay due to the high amount of people who need welfare could greatly be increased if there were not people who committed this type of fraud.

It also a major problem because takes away from the people who really need the assistance from welfare and are unable to receive it.

Another thing that you may not realize is that this crime is taken very seriously nowadays.

Should you commit this type of fraud, the consequences that you will face will not be pretty. More and more cities are developing new programs in order to help prevent welfare fraud from occurring.


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