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WLG And Melaleuca


I read your article on WLG and there is another, even bigger point to make about the WLG business.

WLG's specialty was hard-selling the Option-Arm loans (primarily from Countrywide) which poisened our economy. WLG Associates would vigorously talk every friend and family member they could into taking on one of these loans with every shred of equity they had. THEN, they'd talk them into joining at the next level.

I was familiar with a couple of their loan processing centers - they had hundreds across the country - and each office was handling a couple thousand loans a month! This was in the Inland Empire.

There is no telling how many MILLIONS of Option Arm loans WLG coerced people into taking on. There were so many people who took out loans they were never originally looking for because of pressure from a friend or family member working with WLG.

It is the untold story of our current economic crisis. If researched, it would probably prove to be the single largest source of bad loans to Countrywide and many other lenders.

Saw your article about Melaleuca being a fraud or scam. Not sure where you received your information, but your information may not be correct. I have been a member of meleleuca for almost a year.

I also froze my account for 4 months, and it was not problem to do so. I wrote the letter to freeze it, and it was done 3 weeks later. It said in your article that people have tried canceling and have not been able to.

That is not true, or perhaps they are not doing it correctly. Melaleuca also DOES NOT take your credit card info and automatically make you a member and start sending products. They do not have the right to do so, nor do they do that.

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