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WLG Scam or Legit


I graduated from Stanford University in 1998, top 10% of my class.

I worked in investment banking with Bank of America in Mergers and Acquisitions for 2 years and built a career with IBM for the last 6 years.

My family and I have been with World Leadership for over 2 years and through hard work and following our mission to help families build financial independence, I have worked my way up and earned a great income part-time that has given me more freedom from my Corporate America career, while helping others financially and developing great relationships with our clients and associates.

WLG is one of the most professional, compliant, upstanding ad ethical companies I have ever worked with. It is true that there have been, are and will continue to be independent agents who make mistakes and veer off from WLG's policies (and they face consequences for that) or don't make any money, but this is true of any major industry or company.

You should go to our WLG headquarters in Duluth, Georgia, to visit the 100,000 square foot office and meet the executives and ask questions (do your due diligence) instead of posting info that WLG is a scam.

If WLG were a scam, the Attorney General would have closed WLG down a long time ago because we are dealing in the most highly regulated industries in the country (mortgage, real estate, active money management).

There is a VIP Day coming up in May 22 where anyone can come in to tour the office and meet the executives and leaders. If you would like to find the schedule of future VIP Days, please let me know.


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