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Visa Card Generator Scandal


You might be aware of the fact that there are a lot of credit card scams going around today. In fact there is a particular type of scam that has become so popular that getting a fake credit card number is as easy as one two three.

All you need is a computer, the internet and a search engine, and that is it, you will have thousands of credit card numbers at your finger tips.

The biggest type of scam is the visa card generator scandal ; this type is circulating very quickly.

The way this type of scandal works is very simply. The person running the Visa card generator scandal will be in possession of a software program that will run, or generate hundreds of Visa card number at once.

This person will then advertise as being a credit card vendor and sell fake visa card numbers to the public.

They really are not that expensive, about $10 a pop, but it gets really annoying when you want to buy something on the internet and the number gets declined.

The point, though, is not that it is inexpensive to one person, but that this guy is sitting with hundreds of credit card numbers and can generate hundreds more at a touch of one button, so $10 to you might be nothing, but if he sells one thousand card numbers he would have made $10 000, which is just upsetting.

This also makes the visa card generator scandal the most profitable of the credit card scams out there.

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